Back to Basic

Back to Basic  After the trends “trends” in the food world (“trends” actually more likely to hypes), we want to go back to our fundamental roots. We lost our grounded feeling. The roots, our foundation, are mostly at the basis of cultural habits and traditions. After a while enjoying the super food trends, we ache…

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New Materials

New materials New and sometimes a little bit strange raw materials to create future innovations. Innovations keep coming. Innovators always try to refresh (renew) old stuff into something new which works more efficiently and raises the Quality of Life of the consumers. The same goes for material. It appears that there are many new developments…

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Fulfilling   Micro Trend ‘Fulfilling’: products, services, people, animals and robots, which we use to fulfil our lonely feelings. Have you ever felt lonely and thought that you could not do anything about that feeling? I promise you these days of loneliness will disappear. People began to think about solutions for loneliness, when elderly shared…

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Tech-You-Men   (Alspach, 2014)       What about, … Health The word Health hasn’t one definition. It’s a subjective term in the world of lifestyle. For me Health is a balance between contesting diseases and improving your wellness. I believe that when you have found your own balance, you feel whole in all of…

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What Are We Looking For

What are we looking for?   We are looking for inner peace (Darden, n.d.)   Escaping the reality The Macro Trend ‘Escaping the Reality’ represents a mindset in which material becomes less important to people. Today, people are looking for experiences that replace the value of materials. From these ‘intangible experiences’, people get a sense…

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Street Art

Street Art What do you think about … Street Art? Street Art used to be scandalise, it was forbidden. In these days we see Street Art in different forms at different places. It became more acceptable. The street is the ultimate place to discover and implement trends and developments. We unconsciously mimic each other’s behaviour.…

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Raise Your Voice

Raise your voice, rather than conflagrate the bombs! For people who understand Dutch, I found a video on YouTube, which tells exactly the message that I want to transmit. Times of refreshing The sixties and seventies were years of protest. People challenged the authorities in a peaceful way. They demanded peace and kindness in a…

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