The question is not whether we know the right answers, but if we ask ourselves the right questions.

Trends Translator? 

I will keep you updated on the latest transformations in society.

We will be able to discover the underlying thoughts of society’s developments, by asking the right questions.

How I work

I am trying to give you glasses that will broaden your mind

and will give you a Trendwatcher’s perspective.

It is important to distinguish:


Signals can be anything. You can recognize them by intuition. Did you notice something different? Do you spot it more often? Does it raise any questions? Check, check and double check! You have spotted a signal.

Micro Trends

Micro Trends are clusters that consist of a number of signals. These signals share the same value. The art of ‘Trendwatching’ is to find this value within signals.


Macro Trends

Macro Trends explain the changes in society’s mindset. Why do people behave and consume the way they do? Which mindset navigates them? Macro Trends continue 5-10 years. On the page Macro Trends, I wrote mindsets which give an explanation of the Zeitgeist.

Mega Trends

Mega Trends are developments which have a big impact on society. It determines the mindsets of different Zeitgeists. Mega Trends continue 10-50 years. They influence a couple of generations. On the page Mega Trends, you can discover them.

 I want to ask you, do you ask yourself the right questions?

The Oto concept

What  Architecture firm Oiio created the Oto-concept. A bubble looking vehicle that can move not only horizontally, but also vertically. Previously, only the elevator could move us vertically; something that costs a lot of energy for a relatively short distance. oto from oiio on Vimeo. So What  What does this signal show us? The Oto concept…

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Let Us Talk about Bread, Baby

Let Us Talk about Bread, Baby   A new micro trend we see in our society is bread. After the anti-bread movement, we believe more and more in old-school basic products – products we have used during our whole history, according to traditional methods made by hand.  The government policy changes, we got better indication…

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New Way of Choosing

New Way of Choosing   (Het Nieuwe Kiezen, 2015)   What Rudy van Belkom introduces ‘Het Nieuwe Kiezen’. He launched his website in September 2015. On the website, you can answer ten questions about political legislation with different argument positions matched with visions from Dutch political parties. In the  Rudy wants to show the Dutch…

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Back to Basic

Back to Basic  After the trends “trends” in the food world (“trends” actually more likely to hypes), we want to go back to our fundamental roots. We lost our grounded feeling. The roots, our foundation, are mostly at the basis of cultural habits and traditions. After a while enjoying the super food trends, we ache…

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